Tatau – The Traditional Art of Tatau or Tattoo

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Malu layout Cook Islands/Hawaiian pattern

Malu layout..CookIslands /Hawaiian pattern

Malu layout..CookIslands /Hawaiian pattern

Croc starts tatau for his wife Ani Oneil… a Malu style layout with Cook Islands and Hawaiian pattern acknowledging her family ties.


Samoan style shoulder cap

Shoulder cap and side by Croc – Kaulima by Calen Paris @ Corazon

INTO YOU – Dates for bookings 17 – 31 July

Please come down to the INTO YOU Tattoo studio as I will be working there doing TATAU from the 17th of July till the 31 July.I will be working @ INTO YOU tattoo studio and will be taking bookings . We are in Clerkenwell, central London+44 (0)20 7253 5085 info@into-you.co.uk. Into You, 144 St John St, London EC1V 4UA. Meitaki maat Croc…


2 Malu style tatau London

2 Malu style Tatau's

2 Malu style Tatau's

Two different Malu style Tatau done on 2 clients in London


Samoan Pe’a Inspired

Samoan style Pe'a

Daniels Tatau done in Rarotonga

Ta Tatau London – Marquesian Chest

Ta Tatau London

Ta Tatau London