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Malu layout Cook Islands/Hawaiian pattern

Malu layout..CookIslands /Hawaiian pattern

Malu layout..CookIslands /Hawaiian pattern

Croc starts tatau for his wife Ani Oneil… a Malu style layout with Cook Islands and Hawaiian pattern acknowledging her family ties.


Marquesean Leg Tatau Top

Marquesean Leg Tatau top

Marquesean Leg Tatau top

Marquesean leg tatau

Marquesean Leg tatau

Marquesean Leg tatau

Marquesean Leg Tatau finished for Numa Mackenzie…combination of Tatau and hand push tatau




Samoan style shoulder cap

Shoulder cap and side by Croc – Kaulima by Calen Paris @ Corazon

Chest Tatau

Atiuan collar chest tatau with local tattooist Luther Berg assisting and Maria Tanner srteching

Atiuan Chest Collar

Atiuan Chest collar

Studio Refurbished and Tatau ready for Saturday 7th April

Kia Manuia

After a short break and doing some major finishing on the new whare as well as the ole studio…its time to start back on the tools again. Started last weekend with a “kotai” for a visitor from Aotearoa and will be starting a back and rafters peice this Saturday. IF you would like a Tatau whilst in Rarotonga please do book in or drop us a line to let us know when you are arriving. Meitaki maata

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